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The Resort property Sol de Quillón (Ex - Cayumanqui), Center of Events, Rest and Vacations, gives the Welcome him, hoping to be able to take care of and to serve to him to, as the best possible form..

We take advantage to the occasion to tell him that we worked all the year, where our yearning and care are to give to him to the service leader in the market.

If this outside little, we are qualified for the Accomplishment of All Type of Events, following the necessity that you present/display to us.

We informed to him that we counted of Wifi Zone where you, asking for your key, will bi able to accede for free!.

Here you with your family, company and friendships, will be able to enjoy ours of hospitality in an ample enclosure fields of Baby Soccer, Tenis and Basketball, Swimming pools for adults and children, ample gardens and green areas; in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, with the sound of the nature and freshness of the south of Chile.